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I have to have my morning cuppa

Probably not the only one that drinks a pot of coffee a day. I like the dark beans and that’s usually all I will drink. I’m not sure if you would call it gourmet coffee, but I’m definitely hooked on it.

Coffee has been around for thousands of years, people been drinking around campfires and having it as their morning drink to get their day started for a long long time. Specialized coffee or what they call gourmet coffee has only been around about 100 years or so. The drink itself has been refined in just the past decade and even in more recent times to the extreme caffeine content coffee that has taken over our daily lives.

Flavored gourmet coffees have recently come on the scene and seemed to be popular with a few, but I myself just enjoy adding my own flavored creamers. French vanilla is one of my favorites and of course sugar. Other folks like almond cookies and cream hazelnut amaretto and many more.

Coffee now is being presented in iced coffee form and caffeine drinks. The past six or seven years we have seen a lot of small roadside coffee shops with drive-up windows so you can stop on your way to work and get your favorite cup of coffee. Espresso stands have popped up all over the country. They’re good little mom-and-pop businesses and they give us our drug of choice which happens to be really good coffee.

Java or coffee crosses cultural lines and provides everyone with that morning jolt of energy. Smelling the fresh pot of coffee brewing in the morning is one of the best smells that I know. I usually will prepare my coffee pot for brewing the night before so all I have to do is push a button in my coffee starts brewing.

Pretty much anywhere that you travel in our country you can get a hot cup of coffee. Java, cup of Joe, or whatever you choose to call it, coffee has played a major role in our society. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, some people like good old Folgers coffee, some people have to have their Starbucks in the morning. Steamed, stirred with flavors, whipped cream, there are so many variations of the morning cup of coffee you cannot count all of them.

In the UK they call it Cuppa. I have met people from England, Australia, and all over the world who have their own names for their morning cup of coffee. Some people drink it black, some folks want their creamer, and some folks like their flavors.

Gourmet coffee is not just for the rich and famous anymore. Dark roast coffee can be found in American supermarkets and they even have beans available to grind your own. If you want espresso grind or regular drip grind, it does not matter you can select your level of grind on these machines. I usually choose the darkest most oily beans I can find. I may not have many pleasures in life, but I will splurge on my coffee and buy the best that I can.


Where does coffee come from?

Coffee comes from coffee beans, these are created by the coffea plant. Coffee berries are harvested and then they go through a process of drying. After they are dried what remains is the coffee Bean. The beans are roasted to various degrees and this causes a physical change and in the tastes that they produce. The end product is then packaged according to type and strength and shipped around the world. Some coffee companies will buy whole loads of these coffee beans and mix and grind the various beans to create certain coffee strengths.

There are two most used grown species of the coffea plant, these are robusta and arabica. Gourmet coffee is made from the top level coffee beans from the arabica plant. These top-tier beans are grown and out of to is above 3000 feet and they must have the ideal soil and climate conditions for best production. Arabica beans grown at lower altitudes seem to have richer flavor than the robusta coffee beans.

After you get your coffee beans ground the way you want them, if you plan to store them for long periods of time you may consider putting them in the freezer, this will help preserve the rich flavor for many weeks. Regardless of whether you use a percolator or drip coffee maker, you want the most precious beans for your morning cup of coffee.

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