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Coffee Shop – A Local Gathering Place

Coffee Shops Are Great Places To Socialize

Coffee shops have been a gathering place for many over the years. A place to relax with our favorite beverage and to indulge ourselves in one of life’s ultimate pleasures. Our choices of coffee styles may be to take it just plain black, or fancied up with many types of flavored creamers. Espresso coffee, which is one of my personal favorites, has got my mornings off to a great start for a long time now. I have always liked a double-shot hazelnut Latte, but have expanded recently to include some other types of flavors and strengths.

Friends gather to meet and have coffee together at some of these local coffee shops while others will take their laptops with them and take advantage of the free wifi offered in some locations and get their work done for office or school, or just to sit and read the news online. In decades past, the morning paper would have been the norm. But, with the fairly recent addition of the internet connection via wifi signal, most folks who want to enjoy their favorite hot beverage and catch up on current events will take along the laptop and sit for hours in these modern coffee shops.

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Espresso From A Professional Machine

Personal machines are available to make your own espresso at home, but there is nothing like going to a Starbucks or other coffee shop and getting a nice lady like the one above to make your coffee to order. Fresh and hot and made to your own liking, espresso from your favorite hangout and being with your friends is priceless. Even as a kid, I remember going into a coffee shop and ordering hot coffee with a fresh donut before dawn. This was when I was helping with a paper route, but even decades later I think back on those times and can still remember the smell of the fresh coffee and the people all enjoying their mornings reading the paper or having conversation.

 Some Of The Most Popular Coffee Shop Drinks

If you were to order a carmel macchiato for example, this seems to be one of the more popular drinks that is being sought after from the professional barrister. Some of the other drinks available can be in this list.

  1. Americano – A regular coffee cup size, with one shot of espresso and filled with hot water.
  2. Redeye – An actual cup of coffee with a shot of espresso mixed in.
  3. Steamer – Coffee flavoring and milk mixed with no coffee.
  4. Latte – Can be a single or multiple espresso shot with milk steamed to low froth.
  5. Crema – Art of froth design.
  6. Caffè Breve – is an American variation of a latte: a milk-based espresso drink using steamed half-and-half  which is a 1/2 and 1/2  mixture of milk and cream instead of milk.

Your coffee can be ordered with a certain type of creamer. Skinny, which is a low fat or no fat creamer.

Breve, which is of course the half and half mixture of cream and milk. Regular Latte, which is full fat or whole milk.


pretty woman in coffee shop


 Wifi At Coffee Shops Are Commonplace

One of the most common things you will see besides people drinking cups of various coffee types is a lot of people using the coffee shop as a place to keep up with business, studies, and just general shopping online and surfing the net. Coffee shops have evolved to much more than just a place to sit and read the paper, they have have become mini snapshots of our society as a whole. People use their time wisely in many cases, making sure they stay connected with friends and family via various social interaction websites while enjoying their coffee. College students will always seek out meeting places like the coffee shop because they can get their caffeine fix and stay up long hours doing the studying they need to do for the week. The wifi is free in most all cases, and affords the student a place to gather with friends or alone and either visit or study.

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